Out N About with Q

This section was supposed to be for me to blog about various places I’ve visited. In the past several years, we traveled a lot. It’s one of my passions. However, this year, I found myself, as we say in the Air Force, “grounded.”

I had plans to go to Mardi Gras in my hometown of New Orleans. I’m glad we decided against it since Mardi Gras proved to be a breathing ground for Covid-19.

My daughter and mom were supposed to visit from New Orleans in May, but because New Orleans was a hot spot, Florida was not accepting any travelers from the state of Louisiana without going through a 14 day quarantine. Moreover, the flight was canceled.

The only travel I got to enjoy besides my weekly trip to St Petersburg,FL for work was an impromptu trip to Miami for my 45th birthday. And I gotta tell, ya, it wasn’t what I had hoped. I definitely have to visit again once the pandemic is over because I don’t want my only real trip to Miami to be a sad destitute visit where there were hardly any people around, all the salsa clubs were closed and we were over charged for a boat ride across the marina or whatever that body of water that was.

They did show us some fancy mansions that were previously owned by super stars, but other than that…it was pretty drab and costly for what they provided.

Anyway, not traveling this year, allowed me to pay off a few things, my husband’s car, a couple of credit cards. Not to mention, dream about one day traveling again. I’m longing for the day I get to see another part of the world. I’m looking at a possible cruise, or maybe a trip to the mountains, since we have none here in Florida. Who knows…we’ll see what 2021 will bring.

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