Retorting Faulty Logic

“Can a woman ask a man what he brings to the table?” huh? Let me understand your question, “You want to know if a woman should be concerned with whether or not the man she intends to spend the rest of her life with can protect and provide for her?” Me: “Naw fam, she shouldContinue reading “Retorting Faulty Logic”

Grappling with Love, Part 18

Sebastian’s cellphone alarm sounded. He woke up to find the bed empty. He did hear the shower running in the guest bedroom that they were in. He walked in and used the bathroom, washed his and then slipped into the shower, “Mind if I join you.” Toni welcomed his presence by turning to him, “BuenosContinue reading “Grappling with Love, Part 18”

Gimme That Struggle Love…

A couple of days ago, I wrote a piece that referenced the term struggle love. Struggle love refers to a woman who constantly finds herself in relationships with men who do not have their affairs in order. It pays homage to the Ride or Die Chick. And if you’ve been following my blog long enough,Continue reading “Gimme That Struggle Love…”

Ya In Ya Feelings and It Shows…

I must say that social media brings out a level of toxicity in individuals that you can rarely experience during a face-to-face interaction. For instance, last week, one of my favorite creators posted a video. Basically, it said, “Men be like, ‘what do you bring to the table’?” And she responded, “Sir, you’ve already satContinue reading “Ya In Ya Feelings and It Shows…”

Pretty for a Dark Skin Girl…

As a dark skinned woman, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl.” It’s a phrase that makes me cringe and one I have only responded to with the double blink stare. I was even told by a guy, “You act like you can’t take a compliment.”Continue reading “Pretty for a Dark Skin Girl…”

Grappling with Love, Part 17

The day had finally wound down. Carson decided to stop by his parents’ house before heading home. When he arrived, he was surprised to see so many cars around the house. He knocked, the door opened, his mother reached for him with a hug, “Come in son.” “Is there a party no one told meContinue reading “Grappling with Love, Part 17”

Your Opinion Isn’t Law!

Looka here Cletus, how many times I have to tell you that just because you feel strongly about something, doesn’t make it law? I’ve talked about this from multiple angles over the years. My stance has not waivered. When it comes to opinions, everyone has one and that’s about as factual as opinions get. AsContinue reading “Your Opinion Isn’t Law!”

Grappling with Love, Part 14

The morning after, Carson’s chiseled mocha colored body lay naked in a strange bed. His mind played a picture for him. He was walking in a crowded room as he searched for Toni. He stopped person after person and asked had they seen her. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse ofContinue reading “Grappling with Love, Part 14”

Did That Just Happen, Day 4

Public Servants Work for the People I was approximately fourteen years old, living in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of my favorite times of year was Mardi Gras season. The city is decorated with all the Purple, Green, and Gold and the atmosphere is lively. Now, I usually attended parades with my little brother, but heContinue reading “Did That Just Happen, Day 4”

Did That Just Happen, Day 3

Tired AF, Lawd Why… This is a two part story… with a two part lesson…lol It was February of 2001. I was stationed at Eglin AFB, FL. I was in the 33rd Fighter Wing, our nickname, The Nomads, which meant…we deployed a lot. I had been deployment free up until my move to Eglin. MyContinue reading “Did That Just Happen, Day 3”