LaQuinta Sanchez is a native of New Orleans, LA, an Air Force Veteran, and a Fitness Professional among many other things. She is a Spoken Word Artist that has graced stages in NC, SC, FL, LA, and GA. She is the author of Beautiful Assassin an urban fiction romance novel and is close to releasing her second novel Bachata Rosa. She also writes short stories, skits, and screenplays. She is also a commercial/stage/film actress. She was a principle actress (Holly) in Korrine Mier’s Nostalgia, which won Charlotte’s Film Festival Best Cinematography award. The most recent project she was involved in Day Dreams & Weird Facts as a principle actress (Lindsay Jacobs) was just released to the film festival circuits. She had the honor of performing in the 2015’s Vagina Monologues in Greensboro, NC. Her poetry has been featured in online publications and printed anthologies…and her piece about a crushed out young woman, Should I Tell Him was selected to appear in the annual poetry anthology di-verse-city. She was also among the many talented poets elected to read on the opening night of Austin’s International Poetry Festival. Her education includes an A.A. in General Education, A.S. in Production Management, a B.S. in Business Administration and a MBA with a concentration in International Management.